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Artigo: 3 Reasons Why Handmade Shoes Are Worth The Money

3 Reasons Why Handmade Shoes Are Worth The Money

3 Reasons Why Handmade Shoes Are Worth The Money

Quantity vs. Quality


With that in mind, if you take the cost of those 14 pairs of shoes in your closet that are rarely worn and invest that money into the cost of three pairs of handcrafted shoes, you would easily save money and have better-quality shoes that will last much longer. Considering that the average American woman has around 17 pairs of shoes in her closet, the cost is often the first factor in shoe purchases. However, when you learn that most women usually only wear about 3 pairs on a regular basis, then you realize that she may be spending more than she would if she had bought just a few pairs of handcrafted shoes. Mass-produced shoes are often lacking in comfort, do not fit right, or have caused undue pain when worn. However, handmade shoes are included and designed to avoid all of those problems. 


Juliana Heels ethnic colorful cross jute craftsmanship platform shoe

They fit better


One of the essential factors in a good pair of shoes is fit. Your feet make up your body's foundation, so it needs to have good and solid support. If your shoes do not help you to keep your posture nor support you, then your whole body will suffer. Some foot cobblers in the know will point out that you can tell a good fit by how you feel when you get home from a long day at work. If you forget to take your shoes off as soon as you walk in the door, then you have a good fit.





 Juliana Heels square toe sandal with a block heel, leather with the knot in drawstring, and optional strap to tie at the ankle.

They are durable


Handmade shoes last much longer than manufactured shoes. In many cases, they can be worn for years...and, sometimes, decades. This, precisely, is what makes them a much more practical choice over your lifetime. To make sure your handcrafted shoes are maintained well, start with a suede/leather protectant treatment before the first wear and clean and polish regularly with products recommended for suede/leather.  If maintained well, resoled, re-heeled when needed, and using high-quality leather rather than cheaper but less durable materials, a pair of handcrafted shoes could even last a lifetime.




Juliana Heels flat lacquer square shoe and leather designed by ethnic colorful cross jute craftsmanship and rubberized sole. 

Finding a good pair of quality leather shoes like those sold here at Juliana Heels is the perfect way to save money and stay stylish at the same time. 


No matter what your reason for shoe shopping, whether you have a true shoe fetish or you need something practical to get through your day, it pays to take stock of the number of shoes in your closet that you’re not willing to wear. If your reasons are from pain, discomfort, or a poor fit, then you might need to seriously consider investing in a pair of stylish leather handmade shoes that could give you everything you lack now, making it possible to be happy about the shoes you wear finally.


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