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About Us

Juliana Heels is a symbol of empowerment and achievement for the modern woman. We all know the “right pair of shoes” can give you a boost of confidence, both literally and figuratively. Each of our styles is designed to be that perfect pair you can count on. Are you ready to feel stylishly unstoppable?
We’re also committed to timeless beauty and high-quality materials. Reducing the harmful fast fashion trend and emphasizing slowly-curated style is one of our company values. That’s why we offer silhouettes, textures, and styles that stay relevant, even as trends come and go. 

At Juliana Heels, our passion is ...well, passion! Passionate living, dressing, and goal-setting are what fuel us, and we believe every woman deserves to feel stylish, confident, and unstoppable, wherever she's going.

We stock the heels, flats, and boots you turn to when you're taking the world by storm, and the favorites you’ll keep in your closet forever. From the office to the dance floor, we've got your go-to shoe selection covered. 


Who is Juliana? How did she do it?

JULIANA BRANDÃO was an entrepreneur before she could even spell that word. As a teen, in the countryside of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, noticing that her friends from school craved for sweets, she started buying them at the supermarket and re-selling them at recess. As she matured, so did her clientele's necessities; she ditched the candies and started re-selling lingerie. Thinking of bringing an experience to her clients, she started offering hairstyling services as well. 

While entrepreneurship was a noun written to her story out of an opportunity, to hustle is a verb that she conjugates since birth. From postponing her college dreams to take care of her sick mother and eventually losing both her and her father at a young age, to coming to America as an Au-Pair, working after hours as a bartender so she could invest in her own education at NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology, Juliana always knew who she wanted to be. 

She took - and created - every opportunity she could to earn mileage and build a network. She volunteered at NYC Fashion Week, working alongside some of the biggest designers, absorbing every piece of knowledge she had access to. She worked as a salesperson at a shoe store to see firsthand what clients looked for. And not even the pandemic would stop her. At that very hard moment, she created a momentum; a catalyst for her biggest dream to come true. In her own terms, with her own money, she finally decided to create her own brand: JULIANA HEELS. 

The brand, launched in September 2020, was a hit from the get-go. Juliana presented 20 shoe models on her very first event, which was packed with influential New Yorkers and media. Word spread around and she quickly became NYC’s darling. Today, the girl from a small town of Brazil is conquering the world, much because she is an aspirational tale of success via hard-work, vision and a relentless energy to satisfy people’s desire. 


 Our Values


We pride ourselves on bringing unique and innovative designs that are capable to accentuate our client’s dreams and desires.
Quality is a high priority to Juliana Heels, we want to provide the best customer service, client experience, and product. Always striving to offer excellence.
We act with honesty in every aspect of our brand, by communicating with clarity about our processes, and materials, with both our staff and our customers.
Passion is what drives us, to provide shoes that are specially curated to help women to step into their best version.
Juliana Heels will help you to build the most important relationship you will ever have in your life, the one with yourself.