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Artigo: The best Juliana Heels for the holidays

The best Juliana Heels for the holidays

The best Juliana Heels for the holidays

Have you already planned your year-end look? We know the season is busy and there's not always time to think of the perfect look for every event and celebration, but that's why we're here, to make your life easier and tell you which are the best shoes to wear on various occasions in the last month of the year. And here's the tip: starting the look with the shoe can be quite a trick for you to solve the rest much more easily!

So, whether it's for Christmas, New Year, vacation trip, or that beach resorts party and you hadn't thought about what to wear yet, we've brought some options for you to hit the nail on the head at any party or family celebration, here:

 Mules and Sandals

Know that the shoe can set the tone of your outfit at Christmas with the family or formal party. An impactful mule is perfect for those who want to combine comfort and make those jeans more elegant in the act! For the more classic ones, the slingback fulfills the role of elevating any piece instantly too.

Metallic sandals heels for the holidays parties Christmas and New Year

Block Heels

New Year at the beach or a wild party, prioritize comfort! If you want to enter 2022 with the right foot and style to spare, our tip is to bet on block-heeled sandals or boots if the party is on the sands - so you can enjoy the night without worries.

Block Heels comfy and Stylish Sandals for holidays


Flats - Sneakers

At the end-of-the-year get-togethers, prefer more sober looks and comfortable flats that make an impact! Like the contrast of a pantsuit with sneakers or a more glam sneaker with a basic look. If it's a work happy hour, it's essential to find the balance of a more casual occasion and maintain the composure of a work event.

Gold Metallic Flat and Stylish cool sneaker for Holidays



Beach and Resort Flats

Are you going to the beach? Colorful slides, minimalist flats, and multi-strips are favorites for summer 2022. So, update your flats stock for chic looks that will make a statement.

Colorful Flats for women for beach resorts holiday parties


I hope you guys liked the holiday shoes and send your questions here on the website or find us on Instagram: @julianaheels

Quick Tip: Shoes are perfect for gifts; you can choose a style or a gift card. The truth is: Every woman loves a new pair of heels.

Enjoy the holidays,


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