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Article: Happy Australia Day, everyone!

Happy Australia Day, everyone!

Happy Australia Day, everyone!

Today is the day to celebrate and honor this amazing country, its cultural diversity and everything that makes Australia what it is!

Australia is one of the largest countries in the world - on a list with the 10 largest territories, the island continent takes the 6th place, with 7.741.220 km². Known for the beaches, deserts and wide open spaces, this is a country that has so much to offer in so many aspects! As a way to celebrate our Aussie friends and their beautiful country, today I’ll be sharing some of the most amazing things to do and places to visit if you want to take a trip to the Land Down Under - more specifically, in Sydney and Melbourne, which are the two major cities!

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Juliana Heels blog without a suggestion of the best shoes to wear for each occasion, so get ready to browse through our website and order the suggestions I’ll be giving you!

1 - Enjoy the amazing and beautiful Bondi Beach

The amazing and beautiful Bondi Beach in Australia

Because we have to start properly. Can we agree that his world famous beach doesn’t even need an explanation for being here? I’ll absolutely settle for the crystal waters and one of the most beautiful sunsets anyone will ever see! If you’re into surfing, don’t miss the chance to surf the waves and take really cool pictures; if you’re more into chilling while sipping cocktails, enjoy the panoramic views of the beach at the Icebergs Dining Room and Bar. We’ve got one flat sandal that is perfect for visiting this stunning location: the ARTEMIS- GOLD FLAT SANDAL will make you shine as bright as the sun reflecting on the sands of Bondi Beach! 

Juliana Heels gold flat for women

2 - Be amazed by the Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House Sunset

Most likely, the most iconic sight of Australia. There, you can experience a variety of events,  shows, and even take guided tours. The venue itself is a spectacle: designed by Danish Architect Jorn Utzon, this monumental structure is easily spotted and identified due to its spherical-sectioned shells, which makes the building so unique. Millions of tourists travel from all around the globe to witness the magic of the Sydney Opera House. If it looks this magnificent on the outside, can you imagine how it is on the inside? My suggestion is: wear a killer outfit, lace up your NYX - BLUE METALLIC HOLIDAY SANDALS and look as breathtaking as this venue. 

Juliana Heels Block Blue heels for women

3 -  Have fun at The Winter Night Market

The Winter Night Market Australia

The Winter Night Market brings together Melbourne’s best street food traders, brewers, distillers, artisans and entertainment for the perfect midweek winter experience. An opportunity to go deep in the Australian cuisine and vibes while having a blast. Meet new people, make friends, try the famous cocktails and typical foods and create unforgettable memories! It looks like something you should do with your girlfriends, right? Also, it looks like the type of event that would require lots of standing up, so you gotta wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Although Australia is not that cold during the winter, you gotta keep your toes warm, just to be on the safe side; I believe that the LADY - WESTERN MID-CALF COWGIRL BOOTS will totally suit the atmosphere of this event! 

Juliana Heels Blue Western Boots for women

4 - Visit art galleries and museums

Museum In Sydney Australia

Best way to know and learn about a country is exploring their art. In Sydney, there’s so many options and places that you can go to absorb as much as you can, and I’ll give you a few tips: the Art Gallery of New South Wales is Sydney’s first destination for fine art lovers; the Museum of Contemporary Art the Circular Quay has a selection of the best modern artists and offers a variety of activities to the visitors (with free admission, by the way); at the Powerhouse Museum you’ll find a diverse range of entertaining things: history, science, technology and one of the coolest things ever: a zero gravity space lab! Awesome, right?

I recommend that you wear the ANANKE - MAGENTA METALLIC SANDALS! They have steady and comfortable low block heels that will get you ready for hours and hours of walking while visiting the museums!

Juliana Heels small block Heels Magenta sandals for women

5 - Visit The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Free Botanical Garden in Australia

Lastly, in the heart of Sydney, you cannot miss this experience. Learn about plants, have aboriginal experiences, spend some quality time in touch with nature, get fully reenergized. Just looking at the pictures makes you feel like you’ll be entering a fairy tale; everything looks so beautiful and delicate, definitely a must see! Another very interesting thing: they even offer a twilight Ghostly Garden tour! Yes, you read it correctly: that same beautiful garden can also be spooky and eerie, apparently. I don’t know about you, but it got me very curious. For this occasion, I would go with the ARIANA - NAVY FLAT LOAFER! Easy pull-on, stylish and, just like all of the Juliana Heels shows, comfortable! 

Juliana Heels Blue Pump Flat for women

Company to visit all these places, anyone?







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