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Artigo: Tulum: insider tips and must-see spots. Check out!

Tulum: insider tips and must-see spots. Check out!

Tulum: insider tips and must-see spots. Check out!



- Meze

 With an incredible outdoor area, the restaurant is surrounded by nature.  The effortless and simple mood makes the spot even more special and enjoyable. The starters are delicious and for fish fans, they have the best options. 

 MEZE is our Aegean sharing concept, simple food cooked in fire in our dramatic open kitchen.   Located in a beautiful white hacienda nestled in the jungle of Tulum Beach Road, inspired but the serenity of Hydra, Mykonos and the Aegean Islands.  Our Executive Chef Alexandros Gkoutsi will surprise and delight with a delicious menu ranging from signature Meze plates, to salt-crusted local fish caught daily and his own Grandma’s recipe “Yaiyai’s Cake”.

- Hartwood

It has already become a classic - you need a reservation, but sometimes you can get a table with some ease at lunch.  Wanted by a younger audience, the restaurant is famous for the food made on the grill and also for the freshness of the seafood dishes. Be sure to ask for the drinks menu.

 The never-the-same menu has made Hartwood one of Tulum’s most popular and in-demand dining rooms of late. Its dreamy ambience, with a gravel floor and a palm-shaded outdoor setting, melds beautifully with recipes created in the moment. Walk-ins are usually not accepted; book a table well in advance.

- Tseen Ja at Azulik 

The Azulik hotel itself is a must see, but all the bars, restaurants attached to the hotel are a must.  Among them, Tseen Ja with its oriental inspired dishes. Delicious! The lively atmosphere attracts young people. A friend's advice: ask the waiters about the private space where some very fun parties take place.

 he GASTRONOMIC FUSION of JAPANESE and MEXICAN traditions. Embark on Tulum’s most exclusive cultural and culinary journey at Tseen Ja. Our nests, private tables that overlook the jungle, were crafted to take your gastronomic voyage to a new level. If you are looking for an intimate dinner or a memorable evening with a large group of friends, climb up and live a unique experience surrounded by unforgettable scenery.

- Posada Margherita 

As the name suggests, the place has an Italian soul and inspiration. So don't be surprised if you feel like you're on the Amalfi coast for a few hours.  The cozy atmosphere, the cocktails, the wine list and the pasta with super original recipes are a special chapter.

 Margherita is the best Italian restaurant in Tulum. And, here’s the thing, remarkably, there are a lot of Italian restaurants here in Tulum. Frank and I often joke that the only food around here is Mexican and Italian. (I know, I can be a little dramatic.) There are a lot of Italians in Tulum so that probably explains a little as to why there are so many Italian restaurants


- Holistic Massage at Habitas

It's not because you're on vacation that you don't need a day at the spa. To relax, don't think twice about visiting Habitas.  The slogan already delivers the philosophy of the place: luxury for the soul. You will feel radiant when you leave the holistic massage!

 Habitas Tulum is our sustainable sanctuary nestled between the jungle and the Caribbean sea. Central to the communal nature of the home, our agora in the jungle and our three-story lounge serve as the centerpieces where unique experiences, gatherings, dining, and musical journeys take place. At the base is Moro, our restaurant helmed by Chef Horacio Dardano.

- Day spa at Yaan Spa

Tired of drinking, swimming or boating? A great stop is the Yaan Spa.  The swimming pools, the architecture that mixes typical elements with brutalists make the space super cool. You don't want to leave!

Yäan Healing was born from the magic of Tulum, Mexico. It is a healing center where you will find your inner and outer beauty in the integration of mind, body and soul. From the moment you pass the burning flame, you will be immersed in the elements of fire, air, water, and earth and feel at peace with Yäan’s elegant and organic design, which respects the flow of nature in both space and time.   You will feel the essence of Yäan, an ENERGY –HEALING- SPA, as your every need is looked after. Soothe and enliven your senses and journey through our healing waters, purified crystalline water pools, sauna and steam room. Traditional indigenous treatments, energy healing, deep muscle relaxation techniques, herbal and flower baths prepared in our custom made copper tubs are just some of the therapies you will experience by the finest professionals from Mexico and around the world.   At Yäan, our mission is to bring health, relaxation, well-being , to cleanse body and spirit, and ignite the light within in all who will enter.

-  Caravana Land

Every trip requires at least one day for shopping. And where it brings together the coolest stores is Caravana Land.  Local brands, special accessories, many colors and centuries-old techniques made entirely by hand. It is worth reserving a whole day, or at least an afternoon, to explore the area!

 CARAVANA - TULUM  In Tulum, we found a light and we became its vessel. And now, we are here to spread and shine its truth. The magnetism of the Mexican Caribbean attracts people from all over the world and creates a unique environment for the rituals of celebration and healing. Our flagship tent on the idyllic beach is designed in the unique character of CARAVANA, with handcrafted furniture and beautiful artifacts from the Yucatan peninsula. Our first portal offers a variety of choices of one-of-a-kind pieces and accessories from our latest collections.


- Sunset at Azulik

It doesn't matter if you are with your boyfriend, husband, best friends or with the whole family.  Watching the sunset is one of those must-see programs. You will keep the moment forever in your memory! To get one of the very few tents available, arrive early, around 5 pm, there are delicious music and drinks.

 The Sunset Experience happens on the spectacular terrace of Tseen Ja, our Japanese-Mexican restaurant, from where you’ll enjoy a privileged 360 degree view of the jungle and the ocean.

- Mur Mur

The food is delicious, but you can enjoy the more bohemian side of Mur Mur. Lively, fun, with a clientele that seems to be from different places in the world.  International atmosphere, lively music and great to enjoy with friends. Don't miss out...

 Mur Mur’s concept is based on the authenticity of Mexican cuisine. Focusing only in the resources offered by the Yucatan Peninsula and turning them into original and provocative dishes. With a deep respect for the environment and for the roots that identify the region, we looked for the best local providers and decided that the dishes offered will be seasonal, taking what nature and the environment can lend us at that specific moment.  We are going back to basics by using the least amount of technology needed for our food cooking.

- Rosa Negra

Another unmissable place for those who want to have a lively night, meet new people, see and be seen.  The decor follows the coastal, classic Tulum climate. Go with friends or go out for a night out with your boyfriend.

 RosaNegra Tulum is the most successful culinary concept of this Heavenly destination. With a style that is a bit more rustic, natural, and bohemian than the Cancun and Mexico City’s branches, its design shows care and respect for nature. Eye-catching furniture made out of parota Wood, swings, hand-woven carpets, and big artisan lamps fill the space with light and warmth. The combination results in a minimalist glamour that honors traditional handcrafts with rich textures.

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