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Nyx - Blue Metallic Holiday Sandals

Preço promocional$245.00

If there’s a pair of shoes that can rouse the inner, sensational diva in every woman alive, it’s our NYX pair of heels. A look at these beauties in our store will convince you of the power a pair of exquisite heels have of transforming every woman into a vivacious diva.

Set every heart racing madly at all the summer jams you attend this year in our pair of NYX heels. The strappy details at the front are gorgeously feminine and sexy and lend an irresistible delicateness to your feet.

This pair feature wide heels that promise a steady balance, while the ankle straps ensure you can run, waltz and do just about anything in these heels. Pair them with whatever you fancy: shorts, skirts, maxis, cocktail dresses and whatnot. We promise a glamorous look you never could believe achievable before!

You can get our beautiful NYX heels in two color variations, mare metallic and gold metallic.

Nyx - Blue Metallic Holiday Sandals - Juliana Heels
Nyx - Blue Metallic Holiday Sandals Preço promocional$245.00